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Beware of Electric Company Payment Scams

The Kettering Police Department recently handled a scam in which the caller posed as a representative of DP&L.

The complainant’s mother received a phone call from (937)331-3900 and the caller ID showed it was DP&L. The complainant advised he answered the call and it was an automated message stating this was their disconnection notice, and if you don’t pay your bill of $609.25 in 30 minutes the power would be shut off. The complainant explained he pressed 1 to speak with a rep. because he thought his mom was behind on the bill. He stated he then spoke with a female with the name of “Elizabeth Thompson”. Elizabeth told him the same thing and that DP&L was already on their way unless he paid right now. She also gave the complainant a phone number to call back at if he got disconnected which was 1(800)923-7550. The complainant agreed to go make the payment but Elizabeth advised he could not pay with his card because it would take “too long”. She explained it had to be cash and he could pay at 1901 W Stroop Rd.( Stroop Market). The complainant was then transferred to a “help specialist”. The help specialist advised the comp. to use the Coin Flip ATM machine to pay the bill. The complainant advised that said there was another person at that location trying to pay their bill as well but they were taking too long so the help specialist told him to go to the Shell gas station located at 5501 Bigger Rd. and pay there.

SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! ALWAYS call the company directly when a bill needs paid. Make sure the phone number you are calling is the company’s correct number. Don’t rush, take a breath and ask lots of questions. If it sounds suspicious than more than likely it is. Stay smart and stay safe.

One Reply to “Scam Alert – DP&L”

  1. Willard Hall says:

    Wow I received the same call with the same situation but I refused to pay the $600.00 because I knew I wasn’t behind the representative was very direct and insisted my service would be cut off.

    I’m also having a problem with DPL removing a third party service warranty it’s been over a year and it’s still showing up on my bill.

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