Savings Accounts to Help You Reach Your Goals

When you join DayMet Credit Union, you deposit $5 into a savings account to establish your membership. This is your share of the credit union, making YOU a partial OWNER! 

You then have the ability to build upon that savings account and open additional products and services with DayMet. 

It is never too early or too late to save!

Christmas Club

Save money throughout the year and prepare yourself for the holiday shopping season! On October 1st, all funds in your Christmas Club will be automatically transferred into your regular savings account so you can shop for the holidays!

There is no early withdrawal from the Christmas Club accounts; If a member takes advances from their Christmas Club account prior to October 1st, the account is automatically closed. Just think how much you can save for Christmas by depositing a little at a time and how much you can enjoy the Holidays by spending money you have instead of running up expensive credit cards. It really pays to plan ahead with a Christmas Club account.


It Adds Up!

Deposit money regularly and watch it add up. Save just $15 a week and this is what you’ll end up with!

Week 1$10
Week 10$150
Week 26$390
Week 40$600
Week 52$780

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