If you are interested in becoming a DayMet Director, please complete our application and submit it to:

The DayMet Credit Union Nomination Committee
4988 Wagner Ford Rd
Dayton, OH 45414

Our Current Board of Directors

Don Kiley
Don Kiley, Chairman
Don joined our Board in 2016 and is the President and Founder of K&A Architecture, Inc. and Dimension Building Group, Inc. He holds a Master’s degree in Architectural Engineering and a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture. Don enjoys spending time with his wife, four children, and one grandchild.
Mike Rogers
Mike Rogers, Vice Chairman
Mike joined our Board in 2017 and is currently the Quality Assurance Manager for Belton Foods. He holds an MBA and a Bachelors of Science in Biology. Mike has a passion for historic preservation and bee keeping. He also enjoys woodworking, hunting, and fishing.
Allen Norris
Allen Norris, Recording Secretary
Allen joined our Board in 2015 and is an attorney in Dayton, Ohio. He holds a Masters of Law degree and is licensed to practice in Ohio, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. Allen has a passion for Civil War history. He is also an avid major league baseball and Ohio State football fan.
Amelia Law
Amelia Law, Financial Secretary
Amelia joined our Board in 2019 and currently serves in an Administrative role for the Kettering Foundation. She holds an M.S. in Business Administration and a B.A. in Organizational Management. Amelia has a passion for gardening, traveling, and spending time with her family.
Mary Ann Kabel
Mary Ann Kabel, Director
Mary Ann joined our Board in 2021 and is currently the Director of Corporate Communications with AES Ohio. She is active in a variety of community organizations to include, the Dayton Chamber of Commerce, the Muse Machine, and the City of Centerville. She has been the recipient of several public relations and business communications awards.
Tyrone McGuffey
Tyrone McGuffey, Director
Tyrone joined our Board in 2021 and is currently a Team Leader at DMAX in Moraine, Ohio. He is has over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. Tyrone is an active member within the community, always lending a helping hand to those that need it.
Jessica Osborne
Jessica Osborne, Director
Jessica joined our Board in 2019 and is currently a Director of Business Development and Business Processes. She holds a B.S. in Environmental Science with a Geology focus. Jessica has a passion for plants and nature. She enjoys spending time with her son, visiting National Parks, and shopping.

Serving on the Board

DayMet Credit Union’s Board of Directors is a group of volunteers elected by the membership. It is made up of credit union members from our local community, unlike for-profit financial institutions whose stockholders make decisions.  They are your neighbors and coworkers and are dedicated to protecting your best interests.

DayMet Credit Union’s Board is responsible for setting credit union policies, objectives, and long term goals. Directors are elected to three (3) year terms and may run for re-election, if they desire. The primary meeting of the Board of Directors is once per month, generally held on the 3rd Wednesday of every month starting at 4pm. Most often meetings last a couple of hours. Other special meetings are called when necessary. 

If you are interested in becoming a DayMet Director, please complete our application and submit it to:

The DayMet Credit Union Nomination Committee
4988 Wagner Ford Rd
Dayton, OH 45414

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