2020 Through the Eyes of Our Members

Has DayMet Credit Union helped you in some way? We want to hear your story! We want to SHARE your experience with the world!

At DayMet, we’re on a mission to enrich the financial lives of individuals within our community. We need your help to spread the word. Signing up to help is easy.

We Want You!

We are looking for DayMet members interested in participating in the following:

• Written Testimonials – Supply your testimonial in writing so we can share it. Easy peasy!
• Video Testimonials – Come to our office and provide a verbal testimonial on camera. We’ll make it easy, we promise!
• A Photo Shoot – We’ll schedule a professional photo shoot so we can capture your best side!

As a thank you for participating in this initiative, we’d like to offer you some thank you gifts!

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