Supporting Local Families

We are here to “Do Good” within our community and attempt to make life challenges easier. This might be through low-rate loans to support someone’s financial needs, or maybe it’s to offer a higher rate savings account to maximize someone’s earnings, or other times it’s simply to bring a smile to someone’s face.

Through our partnership with NC4K, we are supporting an initiative to assist families’ with gas and food expenses while they have a child undergoing cancer treatment.


According to the National Children’s Cancer Society:

*1 in 4 families will lose over 50% of their annual household income, due to treatment related work disruption- this does not include any additional costs occurred such as traveling to treatment, lodging, additional childcare costs for siblings, etc. 

*Childhood cancer survivors are likely to spend over 10% of their annual income on out of pocket medical costs each year. 

*Childhood cancer treatment costs an average of more than $833,000

We are here to help

Should you be experiencing financial difficulty during medical treatment, reach out to one of our Member Sales & Service Representatives for a consultation.

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