Credit Card Upgrade FAQs

Q. When will I receive my new credit card?

A. New credit cards will drop in the mail in early June.

Q. Will my old credit card still work.

A. Your old credit card will work until June 19, 2021.

Q. When can I activate and use my new credit card?

A. You new card may be activated beginning June 20, 2021 and you may begin using it immediately after activation.

Q. Will my credit card number change?

A. Yes, your credit card number will change and you will need to update your account number with any merchants you have recurring payments scheduled with.

Q. Will the address change where I send my payment to?

A. Yes. The new mailing address for payments is PO Box 37603, Philadelphia, PA 19101-0603. Please update this address within any online bill payment service you may use.

Q. Will my credit card’s features and benefits change?

A. All current features and benefits will remain unchanged. Plus, we are adding a new contactless payment feature. You can swipe, insert, or simply tap or place your card near a contactless enabled terminal to complete a transaction. In addition, we will be offering the ability to purchase debt protection insurance on your credit card.

Q. Will my credit card rate change?

A. No, your current rate will remain the same.

Q. Will my payment date change?

A. No. Your payment date will remain the same. It’ll be the 19th of each month.

Q. How will I be able to check my credit card account online?

A. You will have two options to access your card activity. One way is through It’sMe24/7 Online Banking. The other is through our DayMet Cards app. This app will allow you to access card activity, manage your card and alerts, and make payments.  iPhone users can download the app here. Android users can download the app here.

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