Board of Directors

Day-Met Credit Union’s Board of Directors is a group of volunteers elected by the membership. Unlike for-profit financial institutions whose stockholders make decisions, Day-Met’s Board of Directors is made up of credit union members from our local community. They are your neighbors and coworkers, and are dedicated to protecting your best interests. They represent over 100 years of combined service to Day-Met Credit Union and its members.

DayMet Credit Union Board of Directors

Board of Directors
Annual Meeting 2017

Day-Met Credit Union Board of Directors:

  1. Donald Kiley – Chairman
  2. Valerie Tamboer – Financial Secretary
  3. Allen Norris – Recording Secretary
  4. George Lewis – Director Emeritus
  5. Mike Rogers – Director

Day-Met Credit Union Management

Steven Shore
President and CEO
Zach Clark
Vice President of Lending
Vickie Wade
Operations Manager
937-236-2562 ext 6585
Chris Sadlier
Director of Finance
937-236-2562 ext 6576